Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty three.

Welcome back to the Isolation Radio show, brought to you by the impenetrable machinations of the Melodic Randomiser and its chaotically arranged memory banks.

Bubbling to the surface of the data pool first today is a song called “Cacti”, from 2017’s eponymous first album by space rock merchants, Holy Monitor

…continuing in a similarly out-there vein, with the frankly bonkers afro/prog/jazz fusion of Melt Yourself Down, we have a track from another self-titled debut; here’s “Kingdom of Kush”

And, just to change the mood a little, let’s have a bit of anthemic, new punk, from possibly my favourite of the many similar bands from the ’90/00s, Lit. Despite their adolescent sense of humour, they have a way with clever lyrics and catchy tunes; here’s one from the 2001 Atomic album, “She Comes”.

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what comes next in the chain, it could be anything so don’t touch that dial.

I hope your weekend has begun safely and in good health, let’s all keep that determination to beat this thing together, by staying apart.



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