Album launch. M0DUL8R: Expanding my musical universe.

I have finally found the time to lovingly compile ten of my most recent modular synth compositions onto their very own album, which is released today on Bandcamp.

I’ve spent most of today tweaking, uploading, rearranging track listings and creating artwork for the project I’m calling M0DUL8R, so I hope you like it.

You can view and listen to the album in its entirety via the embedded player below and you can purchase it and/or browse my whole back catalogue on my Bandcamp page.

New music special – Part two: Sampling Twin Peaks.

In case anyone missed it, I’m a massive fan of David Lynch in general and the unique soap noir which is Twin Peaks in particular.

By extension, I’m also a big fan of the late musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Angelo Badalamenti.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before one or other of them featured in my musical endeavours and at the weekend I embarked on a project which involves them both.

I began by extracting just the vocal tracks from two Lynch/Badalamenti collaborations, “A Real Indication and “The Black Dog Runs At Night” and fed them into my sampler. I applied layers of effects to the vocals before adding a lot of industrial electronica and even more effects, then started on the video.

The raw materials were just a few clips from Twin Peaks and its prequel, Fire Walk With Me, which I chopped and blended and sprinkled with electronic fairy dust, before adding the newly recorded soundtrack to produce An Unreal Indication

{Contains flashing and potentially disturbing images}

New music special – Part one: Modulators and psychedelia.

Welcome to part one of this, my latest roundup of an increasingly prolific musical output.

First up, here’s another new tune composed on my modular synth; a burbling ambient soundscape, with some added sample sequences for a bit of structure, this is Thrumm.

Next it’s an epic techno odyssey called Conduit To Sector 17, made using the same technique, with another bespoke synth framework.

Followed by a big orchestral production number made from samples and sequences, with a video editing spectacular to match.

Stay tuned for part two, a Twin Peaks inspired multimedia masterpiece…

New album launch.

Good evening to you, I hope you’re having a good start to the weekend, even if it isn’t the extended one we’re enjoying here in the UK for the queen’s platinum jubilee.

That isn’t the only thing worth celebrating today, however, because he time has finally come for me to air a new collection of original music, in the form of my new album, Process of Elimination.

Listen for free or purchase one or more of the album’s 15 lovingly crafted tracks via the Bandcamp player below.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve already created videos for a few of the new tunes and here are three of my favourites.

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