One liner Wednesday: Midweek mix.

The alternative dictionary takes brief sabbatical again this week, to allow me to show off my latest audio visual project.

I have used my sequencer to compose all the additional music required to make a completely new mix of the Kate Bush song, King Of The Mountain, accompanied by a similarly upgraded video.



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One liner Wednesday: The return of Wednesday Weirdness.

Hello there and welcome to a surprise reprise of my Wednesday Weirdness feature, returning to mark the first of an equally surprising two weeks of furlough from work.

Having being experimenting with a synth/sampler/mixing/sequencing app I downloaded during the first lockdown, (and never managed to work out how to play) I have finally learned how to compose real, structured music.

Here is my favourite track so far, with a video I made to accompany it, featuring footage from the sci-fi classic, Babylon 5.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present, Obsidian.


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One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

For this week’s badly spelled entry in the alternative dictionary, we get a little theological and a little poetic;

“Acrostic” – A nervous twitch brought on by religion.

See, I came up with a poem today Created so I could write it this way
I think it’s quite fine
Even these two lines rhyme
Never mind what real poets say.
Can’t think of a seven line verse
Eh, maybe that would’ve been worse.


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