K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

Good morning, welcome to a new week and a new edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. I hope your weekend weather wasn’t all that helpful to you for Friday’s prompt, since the theme I set you was; Rainy days, but chances are, if you’re in the UK anyway, you will have got plenty of inspiration precipitation.

As it was, I set the prompt when it was raining and then, typically, the sun came out. But I didn’t have long to wait until the next shower, downpour or clap of thunder came along, because it has been a pretty wet and windy couple of days.

So I had no problem capturing some before, during and after images of the rain to illustrate today’s post; starting with two shots taken on Exmoor as I drove back from Bristol airport, just after sunrise yesterday, where I was dropping off a friend from America who was visiting for Audrey’s birthday.

The first shows the sun shining through the clouds, looking back the way I’d come, the second is of the weather system building up over the river estuary in the distance, where I was heading home.

By the time I got back home, the black clouds were already heavy and it wasn’t long before they unburdened themselves over us…

…but, in between the deluges, I caught the reflection of a tree and a rare glimpse of some blue sky in a sedum leaf.

K’lee will rain down his photos on us HERE later.

But now you can shower us with your offerings.


To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog on Monday, add a pingback to this post (or to K’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.

Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and check out your entry.

Any and all effects, editing, Photoshop, Instagram, morphing, collages or whatever other post production techniques you fancy are permitted, (in fact, they’re actively encouraged!) so get creative and turn your photos into artworks for the Cosmic Photo Challenge.


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Mission accomplished.

I’m going to cheat slightly for this week’s SoCS post, putting The Accumulator on hold (again, I know) to use Linda G Hill’s prompt to check that my new home is visible to y’all one last time, now that I’m properly ensconced on Return of the Internet Nobody. (I’d like to know, for instance, if your e-mail notification for this post brought you straight here, or if you were redirected by the sticky post on my old blog)

The instruction Linda gave us was;

” “pant.” Use the word “pant” as is, or find a word with “pant” in it and base your post on it. “

Ooookaay, let’s see…

Mission accomplished.

I’ve been a willing participant in SoCS for quite a while and now I’m the new occupant of this lovely new blog, I am panting with excitement at the thought of showing you all round.

It might seem a minor thing, set against the vast pantheon of blogging greats, (and no, I’m not being flippant) and I don’t want to make a big pantomime out of it, (it’s not like it took a fleet of pantechnicons for me to make the move) nor do I want you to think my ego is running rampant, but I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out.

I’m a bit like a baker who, having baked a beautiful cake, goes to admire it occasionally in their pantry, just to remind themselves how good it actually is, maybe adding a few more sprinkles here and there; I’ve been tinkering and tweaking and adding bits and bobs, trying to cram in as much as I can to make it look interesting.

So I hope that (a) you are reading this in the first place, and (b) you like the new surroundings in which you are reading it.

Oh bugger, I forgot all about the prompt…well, there’s no need to be a pantywaist about it, I’m big enough to admit when I’m beaten.



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