The Oogle Project.

On September 18th, 2022, a lady called Liz Ardenbecker found something amusing in a thrift store.

Here’s her original Facebook post on the subject…

Well, social media being what it is, it didn’t take long for someone to set up the Balled Oogle Adventures (sic) Facebook page and an overnight meme sensation was born.

The wholesome fun of terrible puns and comical photo editing had the same feel as the early days of The Woolhouse Boys and I was immediately hooked.

Having already Ooglificated a scene from a Harry Potter film for a fan before joining the page, I quickly found myself taking requests (occasionally baffling people with obscure and/or overly British references), vandalising classic movie posters* and, almost as much fun as all the head swapping, playing with fonts to create Ooglified versions of the original titles.

The page is still going if you care to visit its charmingly bonkers community, but for now here is a wide ranging selection of my personal contribution to the legend of The Balled Oogle Adventures.

“Shmoogle”, requested by a LotR fan
‘Broogle’ the Elder’s classic; “The Adoration Of Kings”
A hedgehoogle
Moogle The Merciless
Another request, apparently Addicted To Oogle was playing at their wedding
Another request
A real challenge doing the font for this one
The original request which got me hooked on Oogling
Droogles (A Clockwork Orange)

*All photos stolen from the internet and used with no permission whatsoever.

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