Hello again, it’s me, dalecooper57 (aka Guy Thair), I’m back.

Or, rather; I’m still here, it’s just that “here” is now somewhere else.

Ok, that’s a bit confusing, so let’s try this…

I started blogging on Diary of an Internet Nobody, but now that blog is full to the brim with photos and stuff, so I’m starting again on this lovely new one.

I say “starting again”, but what I’m actually doing is carrying on as if nothing has happened and hoping that anyone who likes what I’ve been doing will make the move with me.

However, for those of you who stumbled across this page by accident, this is probably the sort of thing you came to find out;

– I’m English, I’m about 50 and I live in Devon in the South West of England.

– My wife and daughter are American (I met Rhonda, my wife, on Facebook and she and Audrey have been here since 2014).

– I started blogging in 2012, (using only a smartphone) writing whatever popped into my head, but I have since branched out into writing fiction, experimenting with photography, video, music, animation and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy. I still don’t own a computer and do all this stuff on my phone.

– I accidentally published my debut novel last year. It’s called The Wrong Stuff and the whole thing was written from random writing prompts, as a weekly blog serial.

– I’ve been an inveterate collector of most types of music since I was a kid (although I can happily live without Country and Western or opera) and I have been an obsessive fan of Twin Peaks since the very first episode aired, over a quarter of a century ago.

– In addition to my original blog, Diary of an Internet Nobody, I have three other blogs, covering a wide variety of topics; photography, science fiction and true life romance (no, honestly, it’s true) which you can find links to elsewhere on this site.

– I could go on (and usually do, I have a habit of rambling) but if you have any specific questions, just ask, I’m always happy to talk about myself, or anything else for that matter.

So, here’s the deal; you keep following and reading and I’ll keep telling you stuff, ok?

Welcome to my new world, I hope you have fun exploring


(Guy Thair)

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