Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty two.

What a beautiful day to still be alive! And what better excuse do we need than that on the Isolation Radio show, to play a few more unexpectedly selected tunes from the Melodic Randomiser?

Excuses, we don’t need no stinking excuses.

So let’s get on with it; starting with Underworld and a very early song from their 1988 album, Underneath the Radar, here’s the very ’80s “Call Me No.1”

Going back two years to ’86 now, for Talking HeadsTrue Stories album and a typically upbeat, afrobeat-tinged “Hey Now”

Then we head even further down the time tunnel, to 1980 and “The Spy in the Cab”, from BauhausIn the Flat Field album.

Not the cheeriest note to end on, but variety is the spice of life, as Mr Heinz noted, 57 times.

Good to have you with me again today, join me in 24 hours for another spin on the virtual turntables and stay safe out there.



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