Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty four.

We’re well into the third week of the Isolation Radio show now and beginning the fourth week of lockdown, but the Melodic Randomiser is still on hand to soundtrack your weekend.

The first one out of the magical musical hat today is this Lynchian torch song from Chrysta Bell; the title track from her This Train album

Number two on this twenty fourth selection is from The Georgia Satellites‘ 1988 album, Open All Night, here’s “My Baby”

And the finale is from a band I’ve been a huge fan of for many years and have seen live countless times; Hawkwind, with a song about werewolves, from 1976’s catchily titled Thrilling Stories of Science and Fantasy: Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music album, this is “Steppenwolf”

Until tomorrow, when we’ll do this all again, be good to each other, stay safe and have a lovely Saturday night.



Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty three.

Welcome back to the Isolation Radio show, brought to you by the impenetrable machinations of the Melodic Randomiser and its chaotically arranged memory banks.

Bubbling to the surface of the data pool first today is a song called “Cacti”, from 2017’s eponymous first album by space rock merchants, Holy Monitor

…continuing in a similarly out-there vein, with the frankly bonkers afro/prog/jazz fusion of Melt Yourself Down, we have a track from another self-titled debut; here’s “Kingdom of Kush”

And, just to change the mood a little, let’s have a bit of anthemic, new punk, from possibly my favourite of the many similar bands from the ’90/00s, Lit. Despite their adolescent sense of humour, they have a way with clever lyrics and catchy tunes; here’s one from the 2001 Atomic album, “She Comes”.

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what comes next in the chain, it could be anything so don’t touch that dial.

I hope your weekend has begun safely and in good health, let’s all keep that determination to beat this thing together, by staying apart.



Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty one.

Shuffling ahead with today’s Isolation Radio show, the Melodic Randomiser‘s first choice for the day is another song from Crystal Fighters, this time from their 2016 Everything is my Family album; here is the official video for the joyous “Good Girls”

Then we have something by another of my long time musical heroes, the very epitome of the English pop music eccentric; Thomas Dolby, and the title track from his 1984 opus, this is “The Flat Earth”

More from Simple Minds now, from possibly their most iconic album, Sparkle in the Rain, let’s end today’s show with “Up on the Catwalk”

A fine selection, I think you have to admit, there has to have been something you liked in that terrific trio, surely…

If not, although I can’t imagine why that would be, you’ll have to join me tomorrow and seek out something that tickles your fancy there instead, won’t you?

Keep on keeping on, feel the love and let music be your anchor in these tempestuous times.



Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day four.

Ok, I think you’ve got the idea now, so without further ado here are the next three offerings from the Melodic Randomiser to soundtrack your secluded Sunday.

Firstly, Cage the Elephant, with “Black Widow” from their Melophobia album…

…after which we are treated to the sample-pilfering delights of The Avalanches and the lead single from Wildflower, the joyously upbeat “Frankie Sinatra”.

And we round the fourth foray into the playback pick ‘n’ mix which is the Isolation radio show, with the late, great Tom Petty.

Here’s a song from an album which is high up on my list of all time favourites, Full Moon Fever, “A Mind With a Heart of its Own”.

Keep on keeping on and I’ll return tomorrow with more random choices from the next jukebox shuffle session.



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