Back by (not very) popular demand: DJ dc57 and the Wheels of Steal.

No, that’s not a typo, it’s a reference to the blatant artistic thievery I employ to create my unconventional mashup mixes; jamming together unsuspecting and unlikely tunes for my own twisted entertainment.

Well, I’ve been producing them for long enough now that I thought I should compile some of the best and make them freely available, as an unofficial and totally unauthorised release on my newly re-energised Bandcamp page.

I cannot possibly charge you anything for them – I can’t even allow you to “name your price” due to copyright issues – however, there is nothing to stop anyone from browsing the rest of my back catalogue and choosing to pay for a completely different track, while downloading the free remixes…

Anyway, the album is embedded below, should you wish to sample its delights, and quite a mixed bag of obtuse musical juxtapositions it is, too.

Both the somewhat blunt title and mildly disturbing cover art, (which, you’ll be unsurprised to learn, are Twin Peaks-related in-jokes) are from an album I created to store all the mixes in my phone’s music player, so it seemed only fitting that I use it for its real world release, so to speak.

Brace yourselves…

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