Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirty seven.

It is allegedly the end of one of those things we used to call “weeks” but are just now meaningless collections of similar days, but every day is a music day on the Isolation Radio show, thanks to the indispensable if ineffable talents of the Melodic Randomiser.

The first of our eclectic selection today is from the 1982 self-titled debut album by A Flock of Seagulls, this is “DNA”

Which we follow with a track called “The Forgotten People”, by electronic dance music magpies, Thievery Corporation, from their 2008 Radio Retaliation album.

And complete the set with a true classic, and a twofer, from David Bowie‘s sublime 1971 Hunky Dory album; here are “Fill Your Heart” and “Andy Warhol”

What a great start to what I guess we’ll have to call “the weekend”, it even brought the sun back out.

Keep being lovely to each other, the beginning of the end is in sight.



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