Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirty six.

We find ourselves once more at the mercy of the Melodic Randomiser, as its arbitrary control over the Isolation Radio show continues with…

“Are You Ready to be Heartbroken” by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, from their utterly perfect 1984 Rattlesnakes album

…rather incongruously followed by some industrial goth strumming from a year earlier; here’s Clan Of Xymox and “Moscoviet Mosquito” from their Subsequent Pleasures album.

And after that somewhat abrasive offering, what better way to sooth your senses than The Art of Noise and the full original video for their sweeping sample-fest “Moments in Love” from 1983’s Into Battle With The Art of Noise album.

There, you can’t say I don’t give you a good variety of tunes.

May your evening be all you wish it to be and may you wake up happy tomorrow, when you can join me for some more unusual combinations.



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