Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirty one.

A full month by anybody’s standards, thirty one days old and the Isolation Radio show is still going strong, aided and abetted by the vicissitudes of the Melodic Randomiser, which has picked for today’s first audio delight…

…a 2013 rap supergroup; Run the Jewels and a track from their eponymous debut album, “36” Chain”, along with its…interesting video.

We follow that with a nice bit of minimal acid electro from Posthuman and a track off the 2018 Mutant City Acid album, this is “Gods of Technology”

And, closing today’s zigzag meander through the musical landscape, we come upon the self-titled, modern prog/space rock album by the always excellent Secret Machines and an 11 minute epic called “The Fire is Waiting”, enjoy.

How was that for a big finish? Fantastic stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. Join me tomorrow for another blast of random tunage and in the meantime, as a wise man once said; always look on the bright side of life.



{whistling to fade}

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