Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirty

Thirty days since the Isolation Radio show hit the ether and the vibes just keep on pouring out of the Melodic Randomiser, so let’s see what it’s generated for us today.

The opener will certainly blow away a few cobwebs in a blast of saxophonic riffs, because it’s a tune by Brooklyn band Moon Hooch, from their 2016 Red Sky album, this is the official video for “Booty House”

Then it’s time for some Kraftwerk and a song from 1975’s Radioactivity, with another original promo clip, here’s “Antenna”

And, by another strange Randomiser coincidence, the final track today is from Belgian, commuter-obsessed Kraftwerk wannabes, Metroland.

From the 12×12 collection, here’s the 12″ mix of a song named after the designer of the London Underground map, Harry Beck, originally from their 2012 Mind the Gap album.

Which wraps up another show and hopefully eases you into your weekend, so I’ll say au revoir for now and catch y’all on the flip side.

Keep on keeping indoors and stay safe.



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