Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty eight.

It’s the end of week four on the Isolation Radio show and the lockdown shows no sign of stopping the Melodic Randomiser from cranking out cracking tunes.

The first platter that matters today is from the 2006 album, Eye to the Telescope, by the extremely talented KT Tunstall, here’s “Silent Sea”

After which we jump forward to 2015 and a fine return to form for eccentric ’80s electro-poppers Blancmange and “Bloody Hell Fire”, from their Semi-Detached album.

Purely by coincidence, our final track is by another band from the same musical ouevre, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; only this is one from back in 1981, and their second album, Architecture and Morality, this is the epic “Sealand”

I enjoyed that little trio, it made nicely eclectic listening. I hope you’ve been finding something to interest you in some of these musical sojourns into the past, I know I’ve heard a few things I haven’t played in a while.

We will do it all again tomorrow, but I bid y’all farewell and wish you health and happiness until then.



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