Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirteen.

13 – Unlucky for some, but lucky for you, because you’ve come to the right place at the right time for another edition of the Isolation Radio show!

Yes, once more I’m coming to you live, in every timezone on the planet at the exact same time, and at every time on the planet at the exact same time, all at once, all at the exact time you read this.

And now.

And now.

And now, too.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

Anyway, the Melodic Randomiser is burbling gently away at my side, cooling fans working hard in the afternoon sunshine, so let’s see what pops out of its aural interface first…

Well what do you know, it’s one of the many Twin Peaks related tracks in my collection, the dreamy “Audrey’s Dance” by Angelo Badalamenti, from the Twin Peaks Season One Original Soundtrack album

You might not be able to get to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather at the moment, but you can close your eyes and listen to the sunny sound of Beth Orton blowing away the grey skies with “How far” from her 1996 Trailer Park album.

And if that doesn’t float your musical boat, how about some Anglo/Spanish indie dance folktronica, with the always joyful and upbeat Crystal Fighters and a song from 2010’s wonderful Star of Love album, here’s “At Home”.

Go on, tell me that didn’t put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. But on the off chance that you’re still not satisfied, we’ll do it all again tomorrow, so don’t touch that dial.

In the meantime be good to each other and be grateful for what you have, because remember; When it comes to life, you can’t have everything. I mean, where would you put it?



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