Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twelve.

Another thankfully hot and sunny day in the Melodic Randomiser garden studios, from whence a triple track treat of tremendously tempting tempos and rambunctiously writhing rhythms is coming to you, courtesy of the Isolation Radio show.

Getting the ball rolling is an apt tune (from an album with a…possibly inspirational title) by veteran, perma-angry punk rockers, Green Day.

So do a spot of channel hopping and come back here after you tune in to “Troubled Times”, from 2016’s Revolution Radio.

Welcome back. You’re just in time to inch cautiously along a totally different branch of the American musical family tree, with a slow bluesy number from Texan beard enthusiasts, ZZ Top. We’re going all the way back to 1973 and their Tres Hombres album for “Have You Heard?”

After which we have to slide down a rope and swing perilously across to the opposite side of the tree altogether, for the syncopated, jazzy drum and bass electronica of Photek and the laid-back “Pyramid”, from his 2012 release, KU:PALM.

A nice selection to break the monotony of quarantine, I hope you’ll agree.

And if you don’t, well never fear, I’ll be back again tomorrow to enthuse about more auditory objects of desire and maybe you’ll find something to tickle your fancy there instead.

Whatever your musical tastes, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing; stay safe, be sensible, be kind to each other and, as the leather-faced, grumpy granddaddy of country rock wisely once said, “Keep on rocking in the free world”



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