It is happening again. It is happening again.

On Wednesday the 6th of February 2019, that’s this Wednesday, my accidental debut novel, The Wrong Stuff receives its first proper, professional book launch, courtesy of Lisa Orban and the lovely folks at Indies United Publishing House.

This relaunch of the book I wrote by mistake, while trying to finish a short story based on the word “stuff”, is the result of a lot of hard work by Indies United; including a lovely new cover by Danielle Johnston, (with a rework of my original artwork on the back) custom chapter headings, new fonts and actual editing!

So for those who missed it the first time round or for any of you who were patiently waiting for the definitive edition, now’s your chance to snap up a copy ahead of the official release date.

The Wrong Stuff is available for Kindle as well as in paperback, so why not keep one for yourself and give one as a gift. I’m sure the Valentine bookworm in your life would appreciate it.




The reviews said…

***** “The Wrong Stuff” is a fast paced, rollicking, adventure story, originally created on-line by Guy Thair using an unconventional creative method – each week a fellow blogger would give a writing ‘prompt’ (often only one word), which Thair would use to help improvise the next stage of his story. This resulted, (along with the author’s obvious skill), with a fresh, spontaneous and lively tale, told with infectious enthusiasm and dark humour.
Fans of thrillers, sci-fi, or just a darn good read will not be disappointed ! Check out this paperback gem”

**** I am a total book worm but rarely give anything 5 stars, so 4 stars is very good, coming from me! I did enjoy this read. Fast-moving and surprising, in places quite gripping, even though it was not my usual type of choice. I thought the story was cleverly crafted and has a satisfying conclusion. I’d be interested in seeing more from this author.

***** “Great book – easy to read, difficult to put down .I am am not a book reader but I finished it in two sittings loved it

***** The Wrong Stuff” is a fresh, rollicking sci fi adventure, with lovable characters of just about every description. It was written as a collection of responses to random word cues (beginning with “stuff,”) the awareness of which adds a conspiratorial dimension to the reading experience. The plot is a verbal puzzle, crafted piece by piece, and the pieces dovetail nicely! The result is a seamlessly approachable, darkly funny style.
Heroine Hannah Meredith, keenly instinctive bargain hunter, buys an odd box from an auction. Immediately afterward, her life becomes far more complicated as she discovers the story behind her purchase, and behind the other parties interested in it. Chased by corporate criminals seeking world domination, she teams up with a surprisingly effective crew of loyal misfits to preempt an economic coup that would prove devastating to the global economy. The job gets trickier and trickier, as scientific marvels derail simple solutions. Hannah and her new allies pull off some elegant footwork as they try to outscheme, outpace, and give a lesson in humanity to the greedy Powers that Be.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author’s vivid, relatable storytelling inspires genuine affection for the characters. I was so invested in them that I turned page after page just to make sure justice was being served. “The Wrong Stuff” is impossible to put down!

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  1. It’s taken me a record-amount of time to reply to this post — Congratulations, that is great news, and the reviews are impressive! The book design and cover are equally impressive, and it’s a very-fair price.

    I hope that the ‘world crisis’ doesn’t affect book sales like it’s affecting the arts in Ecuador. Of course we’re still emerging from the earthquake recovery, so it’s understandable that no one is buying art when many people need to replace homes and plates and glasses and – everything.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to visit, I’m sure you have a lot of far more pressing things to attend to.

      I’m afraid I came to a sad conclusion some time ago; that I no longer have time to spend visiting all the blogs I used to so faithfully follow. Now I’m lucky if I manage to hop around a few every now and again, just to remind myself what I’m missing.

      And the world of publishing! My goodness, that’s a time consuming maze of bewildering new experiences, I just can’t get my head round it at all. It almost makes me not bother writing another book, just so I don’t have to deal with the mind-numbing slog of what happens afterwards. I think you need a special mindset for publishing and promotion and I just don’t have it.


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