Cosmic future plans.


Hello there, I’ve just popped by to tell you about some plans I have for my weekly interactive photography challenge prompt feature thingy, which has now been going for over 200 posts!

Well, due to storage space limits on this, the second incarnation of my “main” blog, (which I don’t want to have to migrate to a new site all over again) I have decided that I’m going to set up a brand new blog completely dedicated to The Cosmic Photo Challenge.

When the new site is active, I will be publishing both the weekly posts there, but only the Friday Saturday prompts will still appear on this blog thereafter.

I hope that’s clear, but if not don’t worry, there will be a transition period during which I will constantly remind people where they should be posting and I will also provide pingback links to the new blog in the prompt posts on this one.

Thank you for your time, see you tomorrow for this week’s challenge and look out for some audio visual treats later this evening…

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