Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day thirty four.

Good morn-eve-ternoon to you, wherever you may be on this grey and rainy Tuesday.

Yes, rain!

Nobody mentioned there would be rain as well as a global pandemic, and a social lockdown; so I don’t even have the luxury of sitting in the garden to bring you the Isolation Radio show today, as the Melodic Randomiser isn’t waterproof and it is pretty miserable in our leaky shed.

So, a sofa-bound edition of the show starts like this…

My Morning Jacket, with “I Will Sing You Songs”, from 2003’s It Still Moves album…

…followed, by a truly amazing coincidence, by Dave Grohl; ex-Nirvana drummer and now Foo Fighters frontman, who once described MMJ as his favourite band.

Here he is in his current incarnation, with a song from the Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace album, beware the deceptively quiet intro to “Let it Die”

Which segues rather nicely into the jangly psychedelia of The Black Angels for our third and final track of the day, this is “The Executioner” from the 2014 album, Clear Lake Forest

I hope you have better weather where you are and whatever the climate, I aim to bring you more aural sunshine tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay dry, be froody to each other.



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