Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day twenty seven.

So…this would be…Tuesday?

If it’s all merging into one huge mega-day and you don’t know your ass from your metaphor, never fear, the Isolation Radio show is on hand with its trusty accomplice, the Melodic Randomiser to bring you bang up to date…

…to 1994, with Everything but the Girl and possibly their most famous hit, “Missing”, from the Amplified Heart album.

Not changing the pace too much, we go back a couple of decades and slip across the English Channel to France, for some Jean Michel Jarre and “Oxygène, part IV”, from 1976’s groundbreaking Oxygène album.

And we end up in 1977 with the proto-Human League and a track from The Golden Hour of the Future, this is “Disco Disaster”

A strange mix, I admit, but that’s what it’s all about here on the Isolation Radio show and there’ll be more tomorrow.

Stay safe and love each other.



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