Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day fifteen.

We’re into the third week of the Isolation Radio show now and the Melodic Randomiser is still spouting a veritable plethora of variegated playlists to brighten your days, wherever you may be.

Today’s first digital platter on the virtual turntable is taken from a 2013 album by someone who has featured more than once on previous incarnations of the Melodic Randomiser; Gary Numan. This particular clattering slab of electronic goth bombast, from Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind), is called “Here in the Black”

Following that cheery offering, we head back to my school days, when I was listening to Mr Numan’s early output, but I was also playing this next album to death, in fact I think I wore out two cassettes over the years.

1974’s In For The Kill is my favourite album by hugely influential but often overlooked Welsh heavy metal/prog rockers, Budgie and this epic track, “Zoom Club” is a fine example of their chunky riffing, slightly spacey sound.

It’ll be almost impossible not to let out a resounding “Yeah!” at the final powerchord, you wait.

Lastly we have a nice summery slice of 2014 funky nu-disco by DJ Andy Butler, aka Hercules and Love Affair and a song from The Feast of the Broken Heart (feat. Rouge Mary), here’s “The Key”

Now you don’t get that mix of tunes on your average early morning/breakfast/lunchtime/drive-time/evening/late night show*, do you?

So if you like the cut of the Isolation Radio show’s jib*, then join me again tomorrow and we’ll rummage through my musical memory banks once more.

Between now and then, think positive, look after your community and remember; You can lead a chav to the supermarket, but you can’t make him wash his hands.




*{delete where timezone renders applicable}

*{not entirely certain we have a jib, I’ll be honest}

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