Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day ten.

Ten days in and still going strong on the Isolation Radio show, brought to you by the unforeseeable audio delights of the Melodic Randomiser, beginning with a band named after a breed that’s currently getting rarer by the day…

Men at Work; probably best known for their (legally contentious) worldwide 1982 hit, “Down Under”, although my music player has shuffled up another track from the same, still excellent Business as Usual album; “Underground”

Aussie new wave pop is followed closely by UK dance/rap, in the guise of Example, or Elliot John Gleave to his mum, with a song from The Evolution of Man, here’s “Snakeskin”

Then it’s back in the time machine, heading back to 1979 and the Life in a Day album by Simple Minds, from which we have this blast from the past, “Destiny”

That should give you at least one reason to groove around your living room, if not a whole trifecta of tunes to which you can trip the light fantastic and dance away those isolation blues.

See you tomorrow for more deliciously diverse diversions from reality. Until then, stay safe my hoopy froods and remember; Don’t Panic, you’ll be fine if you always know where your towel is.



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