Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day seven.

Looks like we’re all still here, so let’s fire up the Melodic Randomiser and see what today’s Isolation Radio show has to offer.

First up, an enormously talented musician, singer, actor and filmmaker, of Armenian descent, from Devon; (via America) Cosmo Jarvis, or Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis to give him his full name, and a song from 2012’s Think Bigger album, “Train Downtown”.

Second on our seventh playlist is a track from the eponymous debut by androgynous indie rock stalwarts, Placebo, here is the characteristically angtsy “Come Home”.

And for number three, by complete coincidence, my makeshift jukebox has provided us with some more amusing musical narrative from Cosmo Jarvis, this time from the interestingly titled Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch. So sit back and enjoy the romantic tale of Cosmo and Melanie, with “Mel’s Song”

I hope this small collection of spontaneous vibes goes some way to cheer your day, and I’ll see you again when I’m next back this way.



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