One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

Ok, I’m going to be straight with you about today’s entry in the alternative dictionary…it’s awful.

It’s tenuous, oblique, obtuse, very very specific and requires some mental gymnastics to make it work, so I apologise in advance. But I laughed out loud when it came to me in the garden yesterday, so in it goes.

“Fastening” – Stuttering vocal hook employed to memorable effect by Paul Hardcastle on his 1985 No.1 hit, “19”.

For those of you in need of a further clue or are unfamiliar with the tune in question, here’s the rather excellent original music video.


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13 thoughts on “One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

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  1. I do remember that song and I think we need media coverage of current wars like we had during the Viet Nam years, but I don’t get the one-liner “fastening”. Maybe it will come to me eventually.


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