One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

This week’s entry in the alternative dictionary is more likely to make sense to my American readers, if anyone;

“Advil” – What a blacksmith uses when he has a cold.


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  1. Well it just goes to show, you never can tell the ones that are going to work the best. I really thought this was tenuous, even by my standards, so I’m gratified there are so many of you on the same peculiar wavelength. ;~}


      1. Ibuprofen and Advil seem to be used equally in this part of Canada. Ibuprofen is used when you get generic Advil from a “pharmacy” not a chemists. It’s strange, Acetaminophen doesn’t get used instead of Tylenol the same way.


      2. Yes, Paracetamol is the common name in the U.K. but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called that in Canada. It’s mostly just called Tylenol, even the generic Acetaminophen is referred to as Tylenol most of the time.

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