One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

I’m afraid this week’s alternative definition might go over (or at least around) the heads of all but a few of you*, but you may surprise me, we’ll see;

“Duncan” – Krautrock retirement home.


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*hello, Ho

12 thoughts on “One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary.

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  1. CAN dear me, I think you might have mentioned them before and I still hsven’t really heard of them (hopefully they were before my time so I can get away with it 😁) I’m more into Ton Steine Scherben anyway πŸ™‹


      1. Please, don’t be sorry. I always like to discover new music and I think I even listened to a so g if theirs last time… Looks like I am really getting old now 😁


    1. Ok, I’ll try to cover anything that may be giving you trouble (i.e. all of it)…

      CAN – famously the godfathers of Krautrock; German psyche-rock/trance/electronica hybrid which also inspired the likes of Kraftwerk and Neu!

      Dun_______ – common prefix for comedy retirement home names, usually followed by a descriptor of the retiree’s former occupation (see also; “Dunkirk” – William Shatner’s retirement home)

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