Return of DJ Nobody.

To help take my mind off the stress and turmoil of the past few weeks, I’ve been mucking around with audio-visual gadgets again, to bring you two additions to my ever-expanding collection of psychedelic remix videos.

The first frenetic explosion of sound and colour is an unlikely collision between African rhythms and Balearic beats, mixing The Sahara All-Stars with Beat Connection, resulting in Take Your Balearic Trunk Soul Rhythm


Secondly, a more subtle reworking of a song by electronic music innovator and producer, Imogen Heap, the lovely Glittering Cloud, unimaginatively renamed by me as Stuttering Cloud.

12 thoughts on “Return of DJ Nobody.

Add yours

      1. Cool!!! I’m usually pretty bad with my Twitter… sorry about that. I will check it on my regular computer instead of this tablet…

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  1. Hi Dale, hope things are okay, I really do.
    Both video are great, love the music. I have adored Imogen Heap for years so your Stuttering Cloud appealed to me! Imogen always seems to encourage people to rework her music.
    Wish you all well.💜

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