Melodic Randomiser goes virtual.

I had to sell my vinyl collection some time ago, I’ve finally surrendered to the inevitable and disposed of thirty years worth of cassettes and I have already showcased a fair number of my CD collection in the original Melodic Randomiser posts, so it’s time for another medium to take over.

As I have thousands of songs stored on the memory cards and internal drives of several mobile devices, it seemed the obvious next step to start making some blind playlists from these and see what I came up with.

So I hereby inaugurate the first in an occasional series of posts; Melodic Randomiser mp3, in which I shall scroll through the songs on my music player with my eyes closed, jab my finger on the screen to pick the first song and use that as a starting point, from where I shall shuffle twice more to pick the others.

This is what applying that technique gave me today, I hope you find something to tickle your musical tastebuds.

First up, James Yuill, a modern folk troubadour with a chilled electronica twist. Here is The Rush, from his These Spirits album…

…which we follow with some classic David Bowie and Time, from the era-defining Aladdin Sane

…and to complete this initial installment, we have one of the greatest English pop acts of recent(ish) times; The Smiths and the original single version of William It Was Really Nothing, taken from 1984’s utterly faultless Hatful Of Hollow album.

7 thoughts on “Melodic Randomiser goes virtual.

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  1. Hi, dale just to say I am following you here and made a point of advertising your address here in my CosPhoChal post. Hope the teething troubles will be sorted soon . (Just been to the dentist. Henderson phrase teething problems) πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

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  2. I ended up ptching all my albums and cassettes, and now I wish I hadn’t. The process for digitizing music is so much easier now than it was in the past. I replaced most of the music with CD’s or downloads, so I don’t miss it that much, but still, they represented a good chunk of my life.

    Good selections here!

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    1. I know, selling my vinyl was a real wrench, but it was financially necessary at the time, unfortunately. The tapes were taking up so much space and I had already replaced a lot on CD and mp3 anyway, so I bit the bullet and dumped the lot. I occasionally think “Oh, I’ll listen to that ______{insert obscure ’90s dance mix/live psychedelic rock freak out/industrial techno Peel Session here}…” and then realise with a sigh that I can’t, but I’ll survive.


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