Remix video frenzy.

The devil will find work for idle hands and he apparently has all the best tunes, so maybe I should be thanking that particular mythical personification of the evil that men do, for my latest burst of creativity.

Because, since I got furloughed from work again, I’ve had plenty of time to dabble with my audio visual home production studio (well, ok, my phone) and I have recently managed to achieve some pretty impressive results.

For a start, I made this epic reworking of Kate Bush‘s Hounds Of Love

…along with a truly awesome mashup mix of Madonna‘s Ray Of Light and Kraftwerk‘s Numbers/Computer World, which unfriendly YouTube algorithms decided to block, so you can only see the full extravaganza via Instagram (apologies for the poorly-embedded player, you may have to click the link) which you can access below.

How about a spot of Vangelis, with a track from his Blade Runner soundtrack; this is Dimitri’s Bar, remixed with some additional electro rhythms from C Gonzalez

…or if that doesn’t float your space craft, here’s an extended romp through a Levellers song called 15 Years

But the things I’m always most pleased with are the ones which are solely my own work, like the techno sci-fi epic in my previous post and this completely original, pumping house music jam, entitled Lockdown Funk.

Melodic Randomiser: Isolation Radio, day eight.

Week two of the Isolation Radio show finds us firing up the Melodic Randomiser just in time for it to spit out a track from quirky pop veterans, Sparks‘ 2017 album, Hippopotamus.

Never a band who bowed to fashion or musical trends, the Mael brothers have continued to write arch, slightly camp, knowingly clever songs for half a century and show no signs of stopping yet. This is a fine example of their recent oeuvre, singing the praises of “Scandinavian Design”

Speaking of clever lyricists, the next shuffled artiste on the apocalypse jukebox is no exception.
Kate Tempest has crammed a lot into her 34 years on the planet; she’s an award winning spoken word performer, poet, musician, novelist and playwright and here’s something from her Mercury Prize nominated Let Them Eat Chaos album from 2016, “Lionmouth Door Knocker”

Closing today’s show is an artist you may not have heard of before, but may still have heard music by, because IAMX is the multimedia brainchild of ex-Sneaker Pimps founder, Chris Corner. This track from the 2016 Everything is Burning album is remixed by Gary Numan and is called “Happiness”

I hope you found something to tickle the audio receptors in amongst that lot, I’ll be back for another batch to accompany your Friday.

Until then, keep on keeping indoors and try to be nice to one another, we’re all we’ve got.



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