Cosmic Photo Extravaganza: Broomhill Sculpture Gardens.

On Sunday morning I took a drive just out of Barnstaple, to Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Gardens, which I have visited many times and I’ve taken a great many photos there, too.

The National Sculpture Prize is hosted here and a lot of the previous winners are on permanent display in their own part of the beautifully landscaped, lightly wooded river valley. But there is hardly anywhere on the sprawling, gently sloping site below the hotel and galleries, which isn’t a vantage point from which to view the huge number of artworks on display.

It is always a pleasure to wander through this surreal landscape of the imagination, seeing it grow and evolve each time I visit and I thought this time I’d really try to do it justice with a bumper photo tour. I even added an artistic experiment of my own, another peculiar panoramic selfie. ;~}

I hope you enjoy your look around a really magical place, maybe you can visit it yourselves one day…

Click on the image at the top or the link below it at the top of this post to find out more about Broomhill.

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