Relaunch, republish, reissue.

The Wrong Stuff is back!

Yes, my debut novel is returning from its sabbatical. I regained the rights to my work in November and finally got around to navigating CreateSpace’s publishing website on my phone at the weekend.

There will be a slight delay until the paperback is available (I’m waiting to approve a proof copy) but the Kindle edition is out now and I have priced it at a very reasonable £2.50.


Here’s the blurb, for those of you who somehow missed it the first time round…

The Wrong Stuff, a totally improvised novel, uniquely created from writing prompts.

Hannah Meredith has always had a good eye and she’s a veteran bargain hunter, but she isn’t prepared, when she buys the box marked “Stuff” at a mysterious auction, for her world to suddenly unravel into a series of increasingly bizarre and terrifying events.
Soon on the run from a sinister cabal of vengeful corporate villains and their homicidal henchmen, Hannah must foil an evil plan to bring the world to the brink of global economic collapse, all the while keeping one step ahead of her pursuers.
A fast-moving thriller with a sci-fi twist, the plot stretches from chases through grimy backstreets of Victorian London back to the present day, where sudden violence shatters the tranquility of the English countryside.

Following Hannah and her unlikely allies in their frantic attempt to stay alive and save the world from disaster, The Wrong Stuff is exciting and original, with more than a touch of black humour.

And here are the reviews from its original release.

Go on, treat yourself, you won’t regret it.

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