Reblog: (Mis)adventures in Life & Sourdough: From Pffffft to Puff Pastry (100% Sourdough Croissants and Pain au Chocolat)

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Another heartfelt post from The Dough Abides, my friend Kris’ blog.

The Dough Abides

Exactly one year ago, I was preparing to go to court, seeking justice after months of being relentlessly stalked, harassed, threatened, and defamed publicly on social media. I am happy to report that justice was served. Not just once, but twice.

Yet, the triumph over my oppressor wasn’t sweet. I came out of that experience feeling eviscerated and deflated, the wind knocked out of my sails. Pfffffffft. Had my life been a movie, those next few months would best be entitled, “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Dumpster Fire.” I’d exited the darkest chapter in my life only to enter a new one, this time confronting a far more formidable oppressor: my own insecurities, self doubt, and codependency. Suffice it to say, 2019 was Dante’s Inferno on a loop. And 2020 hasn’t been much better.

Until now.

In the last few weeks, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide…

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Reblog: Levain Chocolat-Orange de Bien-Être (Chocolate-Orange Afterglow Sourdough)

A new WordPress blog by an old blogging friend, please go over and check out her mouth-watering selection of baking, say hi and give her a follow…

The Dough Abides

Yesterday was a good day for many reasons.

First, I got to spend some time with my family: my sons, my mom, two of my brothers, and my older sister and her husband, sitting outside while physically distanced in the gorgeous late spring weather, enjoying lively conversation, many laughs, and a delicious array of homemade baked goods.

If there is anything good to say about this pandemic, it would be that it has brought my family back together.

Secondly, despite this gathering taking place at my house, I resisted the urge to go last minute shopping for things like I usually do, those little extra touches I convince myself are essential but really aren’t, stuff like flowers, half & half, and fresh fruit. So, we made do with whatever I already had on hand here. And it was more than plenty.

Thirdly, I am happy to announce that my laptop’s…

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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

I have to admit that I rather stumped myself with the theme for this week’s edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, leaving me to pick a selection of mouth-watering delicacies to illustrate the prompt; Eat, drink and be merry.

Rhonda is a fabulous cook, particularly on the barbeque grill, while Audrey and I are both enthusiastic consumers; so I have many shots of food, along with quite a few of us devouring it.

From a rolled pork loin cooked on the grill, stuffed with mushrooms, onions, garden herbs and garlic…

…to one of my very favourite examples of Rhonda’s traditional American cooking; biscuits and gravy…

…or how about one of mine and Audrey’s fully loaded pizzas, but you’ll have to be quick, they don’t last long.

Possibly the best single meal I’ve had in the last few months was the first time Rhonda made Philly cheese steak sandwiches, with homemade coleslaw and potato wedges. My stomach thought it had died and gone to culinary heaven.

And for dessert? How about a Twin Peaks themed cherry pie and a damn fine cup of black coffee.

I even found a picture of Audrey with her face painted to make it appear as though a fish was eating a hotdog.

And how could I leave out a shot of me “being merry” in my misspent youth.


K’lee’s scrumptious post is now ready to be served HERE.

But now it’s time to feast our eyes on your offerings for the week.


To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog on Monday, (or just, you know, whenever) add a pingback to this post (or to K’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.

Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and check out your entry.

Any and all effects, editing, Photoshop, Instagram, morphing, collages or whatever other post production techniques you fancy are permitted, (in fact, they’re actively encouraged!) so get creative and turn your photos into artworks for the Cosmic Photo Challenge.


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