New album number 2: Back to the beats.

Hello again, I’m back with yet more new tunes, with my second new album release in less than a week!

No, I haven’t been on a manic two day recording spree, these are tracks which I’ve worked on over the last few months, alongside my crash course in rack synths, patch cables, ring modulators, sonic envelopes, audio generators and all manner of musical geekery.

This collection has more of an eclectic EDM vibe to it, featuring my own peculiar mashup of styles and genres. From techno and glitch-hop to electro and house, with a pinch of drum and bass and a soup├žon of Twin Peaks, it’s a tasty mix of sonic tomfoolery for your ears to devour.

Listen for free via the player below and don’t hesitate to purchase the album in its entirety, or any individual tracks which take your fancy, from my Bandcamp page for a ludicrously low price. (Also don’t forget to check out the dalecooper57 YouTube channel, to see videos for some of the tracks featured on the album)

Thank you for your attention, now without further ado let’s enjoy some Sounds from the shed.

Album launch. M0DUL8R: Expanding my musical universe.

I have finally found the time to lovingly compile ten of my most recent modular synth compositions onto their very own album, which is released today on Bandcamp.

I’ve spent most of today tweaking, uploading, rearranging track listings and creating artwork for the project I’m calling M0DUL8R, so I hope you like it.

You can view and listen to the album in its entirety via the embedded player below and you can purchase it and/or browse my whole back catalogue on my Bandcamp page.

Midweek musical multimedia masterpiece.

After dabbling in drum and bass for the first time the other day and being pretty impressed with the results, I spent a good chunk of the weekend creating an extended and quite complex mix of a tune I’d begun earlier last week.

The original track was a lot shorter, but by the time I’d composed a completely new one to combine it with, the final edit clocked in at just over 18 minutes, making it more of a 12″ megamix.

Anyway, I hope you like the outcome of my latest musical adventure, which you can listen to via the embedded Bandcamp player. You can also watch the slightly shortened HD video HERE on my Instagram page, or at the lower resolution* YouTube link below.

*YouTube is rather irritatingly refusing to upload high quality video at the moment, so apologies for that.

**edit: You should now be able to view the above video in glorious 720p definition, since YouTube seem to have got their collective shit together.

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