Family matters.

It’s always good to meet new people and it’s doubly nice when those people turn out to be part of the family, even when the connection is a little tenuous.

So imagine my delight when, while chatting to my cousin Richard yesterday, (DJ, musician and founding member of Red Snapper) I discovered two other distant “cousins” I previously knew nothing about. One of them is another very talented musician who goes by the name of Garanuk and the other is a WordPress blogger!

So after you’ve taken in Richard and Will’s musical accomplishments, pop over, say hello and check out Nina’s extraordinary story on her blog, Chaos in Slow Motion.

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Your daily bread.
Another heartfelt post from The Dough Abides, my friend Kris’ blog.

The Dough Abides

Exactly one year ago, I was preparing to go to court, seeking justice after months of being relentlessly stalked, harassed, threatened, and defamed publicly on social media. I am happy to report that justice was served. Not just once, but twice.

Yet, the triumph over my oppressor wasn’t sweet. I came out of that experience feeling eviscerated and deflated, the wind knocked out of my sails. Pfffffffft. Had my life been a movie, those next few months would best be entitled, “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Dumpster Fire.” I’d exited the darkest chapter in my life only to enter a new one, this time confronting a far more formidable oppressor: my own insecurities, self doubt, and codependency. Suffice it to say, 2019 was Dante’s Inferno on a loop. And 2020 hasn’t been much better.

Until now.

In the last few weeks, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide…

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Right, where was I?

So here we are on a brand new blog, which I’ve decided to call Return of the Internet Nobody, because it didn’t appear to be broken, so I didn’t fix it. Well, I did give myself a definite article, by way of a promotion.

The Internet Nobody sounds a bit more important than just being any old nobody and I have been at this blogging lark for over five years now, so I figured I deserved some recognition, even if it was only from myself.

I’m still in the process of tinkering with the overall layout of this blog, so you’ll notice new pages and widgets being added over the next few weeks, because it’s always fun to play with new toys. In fact, the whole point of this post is so I can see what it looks like when I add new content over the top of my bespoke, hand drawn, Twin Peaks-inspired homepage background.

The question of swapping domain names still remains, which I think I shall do when I switch over to this site completely and that blog will revert to its status.

Diary of an Internet Nobody will stay active, albeit at its old address, meaning all the lovely blog posts, photos, short stories, music and video contained therein will still be available for anyone who wants to browse the 900 posts which I published in the last five years or so. I will of course add a permanent link for that blog to this one, when the Big Switchover occurs in the not too distant future.

And I shall be carrying on pretty much as usual here, so you can expect the same regular features, the same rambling posts and improvised experiments in creative writing, photography, video, animation and whatever else I can persuade my phone to let me do.

Oh yes, you can also still expect me to be doing it all in my smartphone.

I have even remembered to optimise the media upload thingies, which is one of those technical terms you learn when you’re a veteran blogger like me. Hopefully I shouldn’t find myself running out of space quite so soon this time round.

Whether I am going to manage to lure all of my 856 followers over here remains to be seen (I’m guessing not) but I hope that, despite my abysmal record at keeping up with other blogs lately, some of you will join me on the next stage of my adventure in cyberspace.

I’m off work until Tuesday now, so I will have plenty of time to fine tune and fiddle with my new playground, meaning you can expect the changeover to come sooner rather than later. I will keep everyone updated over on Diary of an Internet Nobody, so stay tuned.

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