The A/V project

This page is to display my sonic experiments and soundscapes; made using the Oscilab loop making app, accompanied by videos made using various editing apps and gadgets on my phone, such as Poweramp music player and InShot video editor.

I have always been a fan of electronic music and, despite my total lack of any actual musical ability, I suppose you could call Kraftwerk, Yello and John Foxx three of my “musical influences”, at least when it comes to the improvised, one-off synthesized jams I create the using samples, beat boxes and waveform generators available to me on a smartphone app.

Technology has come a long way since the tinny, toy-like sounds of electronic keyboards and the squawking of the dreaded Stylophones we had when we were kids, meaning the quality of sound it is now possible to achieve with just one small device is extraordinary.

It also means that a complete novice with no musical skill like myself, (with a lot of practice and fair amount of patience) can finally emulate some of those amazing sounds and intricate rhythms I’ve been listening to all these years.

Most of the pieces I create are influenced by the chugging, repetitive beats of Krautrock and a love of ’80s and ’90s electronic music’s strange bleeping and squelching noises, but there are a mixture of styles to explore, more of which you can find on my BandCamp page at this link, all of which are free to download.

So turn on, tune in and chill out (or freak out) to my audio visual gallery; you never know, you might like it…

{Contains flashing images}

Thudd – Aptly named; noisy at the start, a driving beat and frenetic rhythms, with wild but hypnotic visuals to match.

The Glimmering – Chilled and melodic, with a smoothly flowing video that resembles swirling smoke.

Phobos-1 – An extended rhythmic jam, with visuals that are vaguely reminiscent of the opening credits of Dr Who.

Phobos-2-1 – Originally intended as a remix, this second version evolved its own identity and has a completely different look, too, using a psychedelic flower motif to create perfectly synchronised patterns.

Syklik – A solid bass thump and a lot of phased bleepery make for an upbeat mix of electro loops and beats.

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Phase Two – edjing


Here is Antenna, from Radio Activity, spliced with a sample of Pocket Calculator percussion, from the career-defining Computer World album.

It’s called, rather predictably, Pocket Antenna.

For a more lively visual treat, here’s a remix of Numbers, with an added sample from Control by a band called Operators, accompanied by another of my psychedelic videos.

You’ll never guess what it’s called; Number Control.

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